The advantages of interpretation services

Advantages of Interpretation Services

When your company needs to translate audiovisual content and material for an international event, if this is a little off the beaten track, you may think you need a translator at first.

However, this thinking is not always correct, because depending on the same event, it may be more appropriate to use Interpretation Services.

Interpretation services are as comprehensive as the need for outreach to a different language audience.

Translators work on written texts and translate them into a new language, usually in their native language, and are usually focused on a specific subject. Interpreters are highly skilled professionals in real time conversation, knowing spoken customs, regionalisms and colloquialisms in the source language and the target language.

As such, interpreters are orally fluent and also excellent listeners. When they hear the words, they interpret their contextual meaning and transform it to give them the correct meaning in the new target language.

But this is only part. At your company event or presentation, you will surely use audiovisual material and will also need to adapt it to the language of the participants.

Adapting audiovisual communication to various foreign markets is extremely important and requires specialized translation.

The success of international events, conferences, seminars, fairs, hearings and business meetings depends on a communication strategy and its proper planning. The extensive experience of Consenso Global in this field, enables it to offer highly professional and complete interpreting services.

From competent advice on the type of interpretation best suited to the event, the selection of interpreters, the choice of venue and conditions, the monitoring of performance and the provision of technical and audiovisual equipment.

Companies working to establish and increase their brand presence in the overseas market are increasingly aware of the need to rely on interpretation services in their various actions with the public.

Consenso Global has a team of highly qualified conference interpreters who will advise and help you succeed. Learn more about our interpretation service here.

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