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Global translation services are becoming increasingly important in the development of the companies.

In the business world, business strategies must always be on the move, both in keeping with the company’s own growth and constantly adapting to the news of an increasingly globalised market.

When a company reaches its break-even point, that is, its business model allows revenues to cover expenses and the remainder to become profit, it is important that there is no accommodation and that new forms of growth are sought.

In this context, it becomes natural and recommended, to embark on a process of internationalisation. This model can be the simple pursuit of exporting products, or opening an office outside country, citing only the most common. It is usually a design that involves the conquest of new markets, different cultures and almost always another language.

For an international company, translated content is similar to a storefront: if it’s not attractive and transparent, people might not want to come in. Thus, if professionally translated content seems entirely natural to the customer. The quality, respect that it demonstrates and the confidence with which it presents itself in the new market, is an important seal of quality that emerges at the presentation of the organisation.

So, when some companies think that by using machine translations, they will be making significant savings, in the end they may be incurring even greater expenses. When compiling loose translations, to try to give them some consistency in accordance with all the nuances of audience interpretation, the editor responsible for this writing is likely to take much longer. Thus, in addition to the savings not being verified, the deadlines will still be broken, with natural losses for the company.

By relying directly on a translation service company, the time you save and the peace of mind you have throughout the process, including future revisions, translates into effective gain.

The experience of qualified native translators, ​​guarantees a well-executed work. In addition to the expressions and words that will have to be translated correctly, native speakers will give more meaning to what they want to convey because they live and know the culture of the people to whom they communicate. The conquest of new markets is also made in the details: acuity and subtlety, inserted in the right cultural context, convey confidence, make the message flow and enhance the success of the internationalisation strategy.

Consenso Global is one of the market leaders in providing language services in Portugal. Since 2000 it has been supporting companies of all sizes and areas of activity, creating and consolidating its image in global translation services with high quality multilingual products in over 65 languages.

The company is ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 certified, which guarantees the implementation of the best quality practices. Also has a fixed internal team of highly specialised professionals, who ensure a constant search for the best solutions for its customers.

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