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Multilingual Communication Strategy: Consenso Global - Translation Services

The phenomenon of globalization is also strongly felt in the structure of companies. Employees from different cultures can indeed enrich an organization at many levels, but to do so effectively, a good multilingual communication strategy needs to be devised.

The number of immigrants living in Portugal rose by almost 14% in 2018. It is the largest increase ever. These are data from the 2018 Border and Asylum Immigration Report (RIFA). Also in many other countries, the number is constantly increasing.

With this data in mind, companies must come up with strategies that can promote good working relationships in a multicultural workforce. Harmonious working relationships between people of different cultures contribute to the prosperity and growth of the business.

Some communication strategies can be adopted to reinforce multicultural ties. In this context, translation companies have an advantage in internal implementation, but they can also provide a very important service in helping other organizations.

  • Learn how different cultures communicate:
    Directors must learn the work habits and norms of the countries from which their workers come. For example, if the team consists of two Koreans and two Germans, you will find that the Germans are much more comfortable giving feedback on their work. However, if Koreans have already lived and worked in Europe for some years, this will lead to a different prediction about group dynamics.
  • Hire a professional interpretation service:
    If there are several cultures and different languages ​​in your workplace, it is advisable to hire an interpreter. The interpreter will play the key role of strengthening everyday communication between all, thus promoting a harmonious and unified approach to work.
  • Prepare the natives:
    Cooperation and tolerance, essential characteristics for the full acceptance of cultural differences, must be an integral part of the company’s culture. People from different backgrounds may experience a “culture shock.” For this reason, it is crucial not only to help new workers to adapt to the new environment, but also to instill in the natives a spirit of tolerance and support for their new colleagues.

In short, the manager should determine the best way to get the message across. This means getting to know the team, understanding their expectations and promoting the best possible integration. A workplace made up of employees from different cultures can enrich an organization on many levels. Diversity promotes business and at Consenso Global, we know well that in a business context, our services go far beyond translation and interpretation. The multilingual communication strategy turns out to be a very important vehicle for productivity and the realization of new projects.

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