Tekom/tcworld annual conference 2019

Tekom/tCworld annual conference 2019

Between the 12th and 14th November took place the tekom/tcworld annual conference, the world’s largest event in the field of technical communication. This brings the parallel tcworld conference and the tekom fair with 140 exhibitors from Germany and abroad, who attended this year at the “ICS Stuttgart” (International Congress Center in Stuttgart).

Consenso Global was there to visit the event, to know the market trends, the technological news and to hear about what the greatest experts in the areas of translation and technical communication have to say.

Tekom/tCworld annual conference 2019

Tekom Europe was founded in November 2013 in Germany by representatives of the tekom Deutschland and is the largest professional association for technical communication worldwide. Tcworld is a global services company based in Stuttgart, Germany, and their main customer is tekom.

Held annually, the tekom/tcworld conference brings together, through the appointment of independent committees, companies, professionals and software industry experts. In turn, these are evaluated to ensure maximum update, relevance and quality presentations.

In a friendly and collaborative environment, spanning the full range of technical communication, tekom/tcworld conferences offer premium and exclusive content from the world of technical communication. They also allow access to new products and services, as well as insightful training courses and presentations.

An added value of the Tekom/tcworld annual conference 2019 that we could witness so well, was the direct interaction with experts and colleagues from all sectors and countries.

Here, the main topics were: terminology management, machine translation, translation quality management, content development strategies and localization process optimization. To learn more about these themes, access the download page of the tekom website, where the presentation slides are structurally stored.

Consenso Global, striving for excellence, brings some of the latest knowledges to its work. Our language service certifications are not a priority, but an additional responsibility for being able to always improve our work and contribute to success of our custommers.

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