The demanding skills of an interpreter

The demanding skills of an interpreter

Interpreters are often hired for live events and alongside the orators, they also take on the role of public speakers.

The commitment of an interpreter is challenging: technically he must be very well prepared and when it comes to the message, he must to interpret it ideologically, just as the speaker expresses it.

A more serious or delicate speech requires the interpreter’s proper stance, but a more informal conference or even in a fun atmosphere will require extra predicates on the part of the interpretation. Just as in localisation, what seems to be fun in the speaker’s language may not be in the language of the receivers, and then in real time the interpreter must be able to get around the text.

In addition to this, there is also body language, which has to be in tune. And finally, it is almost inevitable that in the midst of a more enthusiastic speech, in which the speaker begins to say many words very quickly, the interpreter loses one or another expression, or does not recognize a particular word. In this situation there is also an artist facet that comes into play.

The interpreter has to know how to get out of that situation as best he can, being creative and promptly untangled.

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