Translation Companies

Translation companies

Today, translation companies provide a service that goes far beyond interpreting texts in other languages.

The services related to this activity accompany globalization and the need to influence new markets.

A topic we have already covered here: “The importance of translation services in business”.

The objective remains translation, transcription, interpretation, and localisation, but the final purpose is internationalization. This vision gives new meaning to translation companies. Organizations that have already taken the first steps in internationalization recognize this need.

It is not enough that the service provider you are looking for is very competent in general translation. Depending on the area in which we operate, expectations and requirements will be different.

A simple factor to consider when choosing, is certification in language services. ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 are international standards that certify companies in this area. Certification in language services distinguishes and attests to the fulfillment of important international quality procedures.

Another factor is naturally related to experience. And here, more than a quantitative indicator, it should be noted above all, the areas of specializationA company must provide translators with excellent communication skills and knowledge in different areas.

The use of a translator with experience in the sector in which he works, will allow him to use the correct vocabulary and a better understanding of the subject. In the end, not only will you get better quality work, it will also become faster and more effective.

This aspect is truly relevant, especially in areas such as financial, legal and medical. Overall, all those that need a careful technical language and aimed at a specific audience. As a certified translation company, it would be quite easy to announce the requirements we have. However, choices are the first step and as far as possible, if we can contribute to that decision, this will also be a good indicator for us.

With these ideas launched, we list a set of 6 topics to consider when selecting translation companies:
    1. Focus on quality. Make sure you have native and specialized translators. Certification here is a major factor.
    2. History. Experience is essential, the number of years of the company will be revealing.
    3. Customers. See if they have experience with global international projects where localisation services in multiple languages are used.
    4. Service. If the company is certified, it will certainly have a project manager who will guarantee the consistency of their work, according to their needs and terminologies.
    5. Speed. Speed should not be more important than quality, but the ability to meet deadlines is essential.
    6. Price. Have access to a detailed, transparent, and comprehensive budget, to pay the fair price for the contracted service.

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