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It is known that since ancient Middle Eastern societies, translation services were very common. Thanks to linguists, we were able to understand and link the various historical facts.

One of the examples of this ancestry, it relates to 2500 BC, when Sumerian and Elamite symbols were engraved on clay tablets, for cuneiform writing.

Later, in the West, the Romans were responsible for expanding the concept of translation services. It is known that initially the Roman aristocracy had adopted Greek education for their children. Thus, teaching was bilingual: Latin as an auxiliary language and Greek as a cultural language.

During the time of the discoveries, the navigators had contacts with people of different cultures and languages. In addition to the mission of discovering new lands, the explorers had to enter into commercial, military partnerships and even promote religious conversions. Interpreters therefore took on a crucial role. They not only had to understand the context of linguistic mediation well, but also had to show confidence and loyalty.Translation Services

Currently, translation services are specialized, they are the origin and consequence of globalization. Origin, because they take science, culture and economics even further. On the other hand, a consequence because globalization needs them.

Cultural asymmetries and language barriers also provide specific market requirements. Until the time of the 2020 pandemic, the Chinese market was expanding and was a strong bet. The search for native translators followed this trend.

As we know, the use of excellent translation services in international business relations is crucial. A small mistake can dictate the complete failure of a promising strategy or partnership.

Translation Services are an important bridge for communication, tourism, the economy… in short, to unite people and promote the progress of civilizations.

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