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Consenso Global’s interpretation service has contributed to the success of numerous events such as conferences, seminars, fairs, hearings and business meetings.

We provide competent advice on the type of interpretation that is thought to be most appropriate for your event. This also includes the selection of interpreters, the choice of location and conditions, performance monitoring, as well as the provision of technical and audiovisual equipment.

Our conference interpreters are qualified and highly experienced in various specializations. We screen our professional translators by using an extremely rigid criteria always taking into account the needs of our clients and the type of event.

Our interpretation services include:

Simultaneous interpreting

Consecutive interpreting

Whisper interpreting

Business trip interpreting

Our tip: In addition to the actual interpretation, we will also advise you on all other issues related to your event: the most appropriate type of interpretation, the selection of the most appropriate interpreters, the choice of venue and the provision of the necessary technical and audiovisual equipment.


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