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Consenso Global prides itself on its team of qualified professionals who are constantly dedicated to satisfying customer needs.

All team members are focused on overcoming challenges while proactively determining the best criteria to provide the ultimate customer experience. We listen attentively to the customer and do not hesitate to openly share our ideas and experiences. This context allows our professionals to think about creative solutions and take the initiative to propose well-structured options.

If you are looking for a professional and personalized accompaniment, get in touch with our team. Whether it is a more unusual language, a very demanding deadline or a highly confidential document, each professional enjoys actively participating and completing each project.


Language Department

The team of translators, proofreaders and other language service experts are fluent in the languages they translate and are also specialized in very specific business areas such as law, finance, technology or marketing.

With years of experience, they ensure that customer communication has the desired impact on their business partners around the world, actively contributing to the business success of companies and brands.

For more information on the selection, training and follow-up of our language experts, contact us.

Project Management

The role of project management is to plan and track customer projects to deliver the best language services to our clients.

The project managers create a connection between the clients and the linguists involved in the project implementation. Their role is to carry out the projects taking into account the overall satisfaction of the customer.

During the first phase, the project manager determines if the scope, schedule, and other project requirements have been precisely defined. Then they structure the work process and define the professionals who will be involved. As they work, they continuously monitor progress and intervene when there is a risk that quality, deadlines and/or other criteria may not be met.

Are you looking for solutions for particularly demanding language services? We have the solution and look forward to your contact.

Quality Management

Quality Management ensures that the services provided by Consenso Global are tailored to their intended purpose, are consistent and meet both the internal requirements and the criteria set by the client.

This function determines the quality standards of the services provided and accompanies the application of the quality management system.

Whenever necessary, the quality management team will propose the implementation of new processes and specifications so that quality standards can be improved upon or adhered to even under extreme conditions (eg. high volume translations with very tight deadlines).

The activity is very proactive if control and monitoring processes need to be adapted in advance to specific projects.

Are you looking for support for more complex language services? Here you will certainly receive the necessary support.

Office Management

Office Management is responsible for the daily operations of the company, coordinating the various teams and ensuring effective communication and interaction between its elements so that the services provided meet the requirements.

Through performance monitoring, the office management recognizes areas for improvement and implements the necessary measures to increase efficiency, reduce waste and optimize the company’s operations.

General Management

General Management is responsible for defining and implementing business growth strategies.

For this purpose, the General Management prepares and coordinates the development of performance indicators for the various departments and functions, always with the aim of achieving the goals that have been set for the company.

In this context, it aligns employees, technical equipment and infrastructures to align language services with the current and future needs of the market.

Consenso Global is represented by its General Manager, who maintains proximity to customers and partners and is constantly looking for new forms of mentoring and collaboration.

Always available to meet your needs, please contact us.

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