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Localization differs from translation by transferring not only the content of the text from one language to another, but also by adapting the text to the specific local market.

Consenso Global offers localization service for several languages and areas of expertise creating for its customers a strong brand image and providing a unique experience to the final consumer.

Localization is essential in today’s international markets since it’s essential to adapt linguistic and cultural realities to the individuals to whom the text is intended for. As an example, if we are writing a text for Brazil it does not make sense to mention gloves for the month of December, since it is the hottest time of the year in the southern hemisphere. In Europe, on the other hand, December can be chilly and gloves are more needed at that time of the year.

We guarantee accuracy and speedy delivery so that content can be ready for publication or otherwise make known for personalized communication.

Our tip: Rely on the years of experience of our localization specialists. Unlike pure translation, localization requires a language specialization technically adapted to the knowledge of the target audience.


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