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Transcription is the output of an audio and video file content that has been transformed into written text.

Consenso Global provides professional audio and video transcription services to professional clients from all industries. Our transcription services are performed by qualified and experienced professionals with solid knowledge in various audio, video and text processing applications.

We preserve the confidentiality of data to guarantee a fast but error-free service.

Our transcription service is mostly requested by lawyers and by the courts who require professional and well experienced transcriptionist to record court hearings.

Apart from clients in the legal area, we also support clients in the medical, commercial, industrial, scientific and financial areas. Our employees are professionals and are well experienced in transcribing general meetings, plenaries, business meetings, speeches, conferences, workshops and training sessions, among other events.

When requested by the client and once the transcription has been made, we can immediately start translating the text.

Our tip: After transcription, Consenso Global will be pleased to take over the translation of the transcribed texts for you.


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