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Between the 12th and 14th November took place the tekom/tcworld annual conference, the world's largest event in the field of technical communication. This brings the parallel tcworld conference and the tekom fair with 140 exhibitors from Germany and abroad, who attended this year at the "ICS Stuttgart" (International Congress Center in Stuttgart). Consenso Global was there to visit the event, to know the market trends, the technological news and to hear

The importance of language in tourism has grown exponentially and has come to influence all aspects of social life. Today, tourism and all that it entails, are one of the most important and dynamic industries in the world. Tourism professionals, tourists and the local population, experience a very unique and comprehensive communication aspect. Whenever we visit a foreign country, we understand peacefully that locals may not understand what we say. We

Interpreters are often hired for live events and alongside the orators, they also take on the role of public speakers. The commitment is challenging: technically they have to be very well prepared and when it comes to the message, they have to interpret it ideologically, just as the speaker expresses it. A more serious or delicate speech requires the interpreter's proper stance, but a more informal conference or even in a fun

Art can be appreciated by everyone, it does not need to have a single meaning and each one can give it a different interpretation. But in business and in areas as diverse as health, engineering, or consulting, even though there may be a universal language, it must have only one interpretation in order to be efficient and achieves its purpose. In this mission, companies such as Consenso Global, make a decisive

On 6 and 7 June, Consenso Global will be present at FIN Portugal (International Business Fair & Forum), a part of an international project that connects 3 continents through 3 annual events taking place in Portugal (June), Macau (October) and Brazil (March).  This important event, of which we are very proud to participate, will take place at OCC (Ordem dos Contabilistas Certificados na baixa do Porto). FIN aims to be a