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As companies begin to expand their professional focus abroad, the importance of translation services in business increases. But, since the English is the third most spoken language and if we count on people who speak it as a second language, it is the most popular language, why do translation services remain so important? Well, in fact, when the European Commission made an inquiry to base the level of understanding of the

The phenomenon of globalization is also strongly felt in the structure of companies. Employees from different cultures can indeed enrich an organization at many levels, but to do so effectively, a good multilingual communication strategy needs to be devised. The number of immigrants living in Portugal rose by almost 14% in 2018. It is the largest increase ever. These are data from the 2018 Border and Asylum Immigration Report (RIFA). Also

Translation and localisation services are intrinsically linked, but the distinction between them is very evident and has an important foundation. Simply put, we can say that localisation differs from translation by transposing not only the text content from one language to another, but also by adapting the text to the specific local market. This differentiating principle is essential in relation to international markets. Understanding the importance of localisation will allow the

Global Translation Services are becoming increasingly important in the development of the companies. In the business world, business strategies must always be on the move, both in keeping with the company's own growth and constantly adapting to the news of an increasingly globalised market. When a company reaches its break-even point, that is, its business model allows revenues to cover expenses and the remainder to become profit, it is important that there