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It is known that since ancient Middle Eastern societies, translation services were very common. Thanks to linguists, we were able to understand and link the various historical facts. One of the examples of this ancestry, it relates to 2500 BC, when

Today, translation companies provide a service that goes far beyond interpreting texts in other languages. The services related to this activity accompany globalization and the need to influence new markets. A topic we have already covered here: “The importance of

Is the translation from English to Cantonese and vice versa important? If Mandarin is the official dialect and the most widely spoken in China, and if many consider Cantonese to be more difficult to translate, we might think that Cantonese

Global Translation Services are becoming increasingly important in the development of the companies, business strategies must always be on the move, both in keeping with the company's own growth and constantly adapting to the news of an increasingly globalised market